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¡Bienvenido a Jalisco Cantina! Our name, “Jalisco,” combines two Nahuatl words (the language of the Aztecs) to mean “sandy place.” Jalisco is an area of central-coastal Mexico that is rich with picturesque landscapes, rolling hillsides and the magnificence of the blue agave plant. This region is the source for the tequila industry and home to the finest tequilas in the world. The Jalisco culture is also filled with warm, welcoming people who embrace fresh ingredients in their dishes.

This philosophy serves as inspiration for the cuisine at Jalisco Cantina. Our scratch kitchen offers creative and delicious fresh food choices that pair wonderfully with some of the finest tequila and handcrafted cocktails available. At Jalisco Cantina, you will enjoy our uniquely made dishes and specialty drinks which reflect a region and culture as vibrant as the Mexican sun.


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Oceanside, California

Whitefish, Montana - NOW OPEN!